Contour on Campbell

Contour on Campbell: Breathing a new urban condominium experience into Central Phoenix.

 CONTOUR on Campbell Ave is a unique collection of 111 luxury urban condo residences situated at the intersection of vibrant Phoenician life and culture. It offers advanced living in a place steeped in local history, a neighborhood with incredible character and a laid back vibe. CONTOUR condos aren’t built for one demographic or another. They’re built around the idea of inclusion, catering to the home-buyer looking for intrigue and authenticity. And now it’s yours to own, inside and out.

Post-tension concrete, punched metal enclosures, custom glasswork. These are only some of the features that make CONTOUR worth gazing at-thoughtful architectural design that translates into thoughtful living. And now it’s yours to own. CONTOUR endeavors to set a new standard of living for the conscious home-buyer, and you’ll see, we’re not cutting any corners. Spaces are carved carefully out of CONTOUR’s form. Intricate, site-responsive shading built to control heat and glare from the Arizona sun. Hand-selected trees and landscape that give CONTOUR character to spare. CONTOUR is unlike anything in the luxury condominium marketplace today-rewriting the books on urban living.


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