Summit at Copper Square

Summit at Copper Square has 165 units of luxury high rise condominiums and lofts. It was originally billed as the tallest tower of residential high rise condominiums in metro Phoenix, but that honor was taken from Summit at Copper Square when Centerpoint High Rise Condominiums in Tempe (West Sixth) and 44 Monroe High Rise Condominiums in Downtown Phoenix were completed. Nonetheless, Summit at Copper Square offers magnificent views of midtown and downtown Phoenix, the South Valley, and distant views of the north and east Valley. There are seven condos on the fifth floor (sharing the floor with the pool, fitness center, meeting room/lounge, and terrace), ten high rise condominiums on floors six through nineteen, and six Penthouse condos on each of floors twenty, twenty one and twenty two. Floors one through four house the parking garage and the front entrance to Summit at Copper Square.  call 480-229-8483

Summit at Copper Square

Views from Summit at Copper Square

8 Responses to Summit at Copper Square

  1. Mel Stevenson says:

    where are the photos of the properties

  2. Richard says:

    I Currently Own A House Outright In North phoenix. I’m interested in maybe selling and move to a loft. Where is the biggest bang for my buck

    • pollym says:

      Hi Richard, I like your idea! I have had several clients sell their homes and move to a loft in the downtown area. They have never been happier. I will send you later today my recommendations for the best bang for your buck. Are you interested in a 1 or 2- bedroom?



  3. Maria Perez says:

    Hello, do you currently have any 1 or 2 bed rentals? May i have price ranges and are they inclusive?

  4. Joe says:

    A few questions 1) what is the current status of the building litigation? Animal HOA allowances? How many parking spots in the garage for 1 bedroom unit? Are the unit cash only or is a potential buyer able to finance? HOA rental rules? Thank you!

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